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      Packaging Services

      Packaging services to make our customer’s everyday easier.

      Packaging Services that is right for your supply chain and products. Our packaging services is created to help you transport your product to their final destination in most efficient way possible. We help our customers with different types of packaging services that are tailored to their operations. Our offer includes everything from kitting and sub-assembly to packaging services in order to give you the best solution. Nefab is located in 30 countries world-wide, with our global footprint we can offer customers the same solutions and services all over the world. Our complete packaging solutions are tailored to protect your products from A-Z. With our capabilities to design, test and validate packaging solutions in-house we can quickly help you to protect your products all the way to the end destination.

      Packaging Services

      Our packaging services offer includes services that enables you to focus on your core business, reduce cost and ship your products in a safe and secure way. Our services offer includes among other things the following services: VMI – With our VMI service, we take full control of your packaging and deliveries. We make sure that all products are packed and shipped on-time. With our VMI services you can reduce your warehouse space and free up capital. Kitting and Sub-Assembly – Kitting involves the preparation of production systems or "kits" either to streamline a manufacturing process or to enable the final assembly of semi-knocked-down (SKD) products. Kitting can be combining a specified quantity of production parts into a container or organizing thousands of parts into a highly-ordered system for product assembly. At Nefab our kitting solutions include both the "inbound" and "outbound" sides of the manufacturing process Consolidation - Consolidation is about coordinating a complete shipment so that packages and containers are packed and delivered according to customer requirements. When the goods arrive at the final destination, the installation team needs to know which container, which pallet and which box to open to find the item they need. In-house Packing - The product can be shipped directly to Nefab. Once we have the product in our facility our team will weigh and measure the product, create a packaging design tailored to the needs of your product, produce the packaging solution and then package the product for shipment. Shipment to the final destination is typically done directly from Nefab's facility or we can return it to you. In some cases, our customers need to ship multiple items to Nefab for consolidation prior to packing; in these situations, Nefab can provide space for this purpose, track the receipts whether they are from your facility or your supplier's, then assemble the items as required prior to packing

      For more information about our Packaging Service offer please click on the links below or contact us for more information.

      Supply Management

      Nefab offers a full range of services for supply management, all designed to deliver customer benefits in a changing market. Our services allow customers to free up capital and warehouse space for their core business.

      Packing Services

      Nefab offers contract packing of customer products in several ways. The benefit of using Nefab’s packaging services is that customers can restructure fixed cost into variable cost. There is also no need for in-house competence for packing.

      Returnable Management

      When implementing a returnable system, Nefab offers to take care of the system management and administration. Our tools and processes provide customers with the complete control of the system. In addition, our pooling service allows the investment to be replaced by a pay-per-use program. 

      Warehouse Management

      Warehouse Management

      Nefab offers complete Warehouse Management Services for our customers, we take care of all aspects, ensuring that our customers can spend more time on their core business.