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      Complete Packaging Solutions for Your Industry

      Your mission is our mission.

      We develop industrial packaging solutions optimized to reduce total costs and environmental impact in your supply chain. With our global engineering and supply capabilities we serve you in every corner of the world. We are dedicated to providing our customers with products and services that make their businesses even more successful.

      Our Total Cost Approach ensures that packaging is optimized, reducing total cost in your supply chain. With our Multi-material Engineering capabilites, we can develop complete packaging solutions for any product. In addition, our Global Supply & Service capabilities ensure that we are there to provide local support and global coordination. 

      TelecomREAD MORE

      Telecom equipment tends to be expensive and fragile. Nefab's optimized packaging solutions protect the investment and secure deliveries in a fast-moving market with short lead times.


      EnergyREAD MORE

      Product protection is crucial in the energy industry. When special circumstances are standard, Nefab helps customers find new ways to reduce their total logistics cost.


      Other IndustryREAD MORE

      Every product has its own specific requirements in a logistics flow. Nefab is an experienced developer and supplier of packaging solutions for both light and heavy manufacturers.


      VehiclesREAD MORE

      The vehicle industry accounts for more than forty percent of the total proportion of industrial and transport packaging. Nefab distinguishes itself here by being a global company that can offer complex packaging solutions.


      AerospaceREAD MORE

      In the aerospace industry an effective supply chain is absolutely crucial. Packaging has a key role in the flow, and Nefab can help to ensure that packaging is used strategically to secure supply chain quality and reduce total cost.


      HealthcareREAD MORE

      Medical equipment is extremely sensitive and is often transported over long distances. Nefab's global presence and multi-material competence enables us to offer advanced product protection and international coordination.